Saturday, July 16, 2005

Papal Bling

The Times (of London) coined that phrase in a piece today on the Pope's sartorial fabulousness.... Thanks to one of my London favourites for sending it my way.
“Ratzinger’s like that,” Vittorio Zincone, a commentator with Corriere della Sera, said. “He’ll slip up with a black sleeve and then come back a few weeks later with the best starched shirt cuffs in the history of Christianity, held together with perfect cufflinks.”
And, as always, there's something for the Thorn Birds fans among us -- I used this analogy weeks ago:
Benedict boasts one other smart and stylish accessory — his much-admired private secretary, Don Georg Gaenswein. Don Georg skis, plays tennis and has a pilot’s licence. His filmstar face appeared on the cover of a weekly on Thursday.

Housewives say that he looks like the star of a 1980s TV serial about a gorgeous-looking priest tempted away from his vows. Even the President’s wife, Franca Ciampi, was excited when she met him a few weeks ago. “He’s very, very young. And he speaks excellent Italian,” she said to the Pope. “What’s his name?”

Much admired? Georg? Much-ogled maybe, but Dziwisz is the one to be admired... I might be alone, don't see public catfights in the PCL as conduct becoming in any way.



Blogger Gyrovagus said...

The papal wristwatch:

The UK piece says:

"Other sharp accessories include a stylish but simple wristwatch, with black hands, a black face and a black strap. So far no one has identified the make or the model but it has been described as “retro”."

Actually, an enterprising German photographer identified it immediately from the very first pictures of Papa Ratzi on the balcony (excuse me, forgot where I was, the LOGGIA!).

Junghans . . . atomic-time equipped . . . and SOLAR powered! I can't find the article now, but the author exclaimed: "Not only ABSOLUTELY PRECISE but also ECOLOGICALLY SENSITIVE . . . not, however, the NEWEST of the Junghans models."

A gift from Ingrid and Brigit, perhaps, or are they vowed to poverty? (Not that THAT has stopped any mendicants I've known!!!!)

17/7/05 20:06  

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