Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Not Just Independent Contractors

People, take a break from your Mahony hate and check out Cardinal Pell's legal strategy:
[T]he church argues it cannot be held liable for any damages claim because Duggan was not employed by the Sydney Archdiocese. Rather, priests have "a contract with God" and not with their employer.
Oh, wait... Pell -- who cultivated the vocations of the Melbourne clique known as the "Spice Girls" -- wants to bring the church back to 1958. You lot like that.... So you'll just keep trashing Mahony and let Mama Spice off the hook.

But "a contract with God" makes Ed Egan's "independent contractors" defense of abuse cases in Bridgeport look downright pedestrian.

Hat tip to the newly-promoted Archbishop Ichiban Jim.



Blogger Vonshui said...

For all Pell was ever worth, he just flushed it down the ol' credibility crapper. And I suppose when God finished with the Nativity, he took a moment to sign all paychecks leaving the Archdiocese's payroll? No, he probably used pay-pal.

27/7/05 19:35  
Blogger John Bianco said...

Intresting how Cardinal Pell was never mention in the article. Intresting how the abuse took lace 25 years before he even took over the archdiocese.

As for the spice girls comment, have any proof Rocco? I myself do not care for the sniping at Bishops such as Cardinal Mahoney that many take when there is no clear evidence of coverups, etc. I take issue with facts, and fact is, even without the supposed abuses and coverups, the spiritual state of the Archdiocese of LA is not in good health.

27/7/05 19:47  
Blogger Samuel J. Howard said...

Not to mention that there is no source for that "church argue[ment]".

28/7/05 08:24  

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