Sunday, July 24, 2005

More Superfreakery

Just when you thought it couldn't get any more bizarre, this article showed up. Tip to Carrie:
Gino Burresi of the Oblates of the Virgin Mary -- possessor of the miraculous charism of the stigmata (the wounds of Christ) -- greeted Fr. Fox and some of his pilgrims at San Vittorino, Italy. The two men found a deep spiritual rapport. Fr. Fox visited then-Brother Gino several times over the next few years. He was inspired by Br. Gino's intensity of life, his singular dedication to the Gospel, and the dramatic physical character of his witness of suffering. As this inspiration developed, Fr. Fox conceived the notion of writing a book on Br. Gino's life in order to communicate his witness and charism to a wider audience. Call of Heaven, now in its second edition (which includes the ordination of Gino Burresi to the priesthood), has strengthened the faith of many who have read it, and has drawn some of these into the religious life.
So Burresi claimed to have the stigmata and used it to draw followers. Well, the wounds sure came from some experience of passion... but, ostensibly, not one of God.

Funny thing is, this Robert Fox who loved Burresi so much is listed alongside (internationally-sought cassock model) George Rutler as a "Fisher of Men." With friends like these....

This is all trailed from a post on Burresi over at Dom's place. Somehow, mystically (manipulatively is more like it), the case was twisted into a moment for Mahony and McCarrick hatred.

People, in the immortal words of Susan Powter, "Stop The Insanity!" Fatima and Padre Pio had more to do with Burresi than American prelates you don't like.

For the million-and-second time, if you really think you're onto something in LA that's actually wrong (as opposed to subverting and dismissing the order of the church to accomplish your own political ends), get a canonist, put together a votum, send it to the Rota and vow to accept their judgment. Until that happens and you put up, shut up, because your petulance has presented no grievance of any objective substance to date -- and you're more likely to be interdicted (i.e. barred from the sacraments) under Canon 1373 than Mahony is to be removed from his See.

All of this anger at bishops for selfish, superficial and disingenuous reasons is quickly becoming a scandal and a disgrace in its own right. What delicious irony it would be, to have to sit there and watch while Antonio Villaraigosa gets in the communion line....

Keep setting yourselves up and it just might happen.



Blogger Disgusted in DC said...

Well, there is much to criticize in the Archdiocese of LA, but the Mahony-haters tend to be so loony, they crowd out the reasonable critiques.

As for Burresi's stigmata, I guess the old-wives tale about hairy palms may have some truth to it.


24/7/05 21:08  

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