Saturday, July 23, 2005

Mission to St. Louis


It's Polish Weekend here and a busy time in the Rome of the West. They have a special visitor from a far country who might just be able to provide the long-awaited crucial assist.

Auxiliary Bishop Ryzard Karpinski of Lublin, the Polish Bishops' point-man for the Polish diaspora throughout the world, will preach tomorrow morning at the Polish mass at St. Agatha's, to which the Apostolate was recently transferred after the impasse at St. Stanislaus. Burke will celebrate.

But the hopes that Karpinski will be the catalyst in bringing the archdiocese and the renegade board of St. Stan's to some kind of accord -- or at least putting them on the road to it -- are running high. Karpinski will meet with the St. Stan's board, and Burke has put everything else on hold to give potential developments the full commitment of his time and energies.

Keep an eye -- you know I will. This should be interesting.



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