Thursday, July 28, 2005

A Little Too Magnificent

Georg, stop looking at the camera!

The papal secretary and breakout star of the pontificate has been widely acclaimed for his looks... but he seems to have some kind of wild radar on any camera pointed at him, because no matter if it's in the Square, the Apartment or on vacation, he's always looking straight into the lens. It is very unusual.

And, yes, Georg's wearing pants in this picture, too. A heretofore-unheard of thing in the presence of the Pope. Then again -- and Communioni can correct me if I'm wrong -- the members of Memores Domini don't wear veils, and neither do the Schoenstatts.... There goes the "cover everybody up in black" rule.

This Pope wants to bring his office deeper into the real world, one less mantilla at a time.



Blogger CBM said...

By the way...I met Ingrid Stampa on 28 June on the Borgo Pio. She was very friendly and smiles broadly. She is NOT a member of Schoenstatt nor does she wear a veil. She was dressed in a SLEEVELESS white summer dress and sandals. God bless here, it was 100 degrees!

28/7/05 11:31  
Blogger Fred said...

Memores Domini (MD) is a "Private Universal Ecclesial Association," apparently sui generis. It is similar to a Secular Institute in that members have private vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience; live and work in the world; and according to rule, do not wear special habits (so as to segregate or raise them from lay status). Typically, MD live in houses (all men or all women).

Secular Institutes, however, are structurally limited to being all male or all female (there are secular institutes for priests also). It is possible that a common apostolate may be served by a combination of a secular institute for women, one for men, and one for priests, all interdependent. Lay men or women may also choose to be consecrated virgins, which does not require a habit either.

See also:
Laity in the State of the Counsels by Balthasar

Provida Mater Ecclesia (Pius XII)

28/7/05 11:34  
Blogger Fred said...

Oops. For the sake of completeness, I would add the following two links:

Articles and contact information for secular institutes.

Official site of Communion and Liberation

28/7/05 11:48  
Blogger Maraldo said...

Awww, stop picking on Father Georg, will you. I don't think he always looks at the camera, I've seen plenty of pictures taken of him and the Pope where he's not. And so what if he's wearing pants- he and the Pope are on VACATION! Cut him some slack (sorry). If Benedict didn't object to his secretary's choice of walking wear, then what is there to complain about. I think Msgr. Ganswein is one cool cleric, more DON GIORGIO pleeeeese!!

28/7/05 21:43  

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