Thursday, July 28, 2005

The JPII Mosaic

Well, this week's "Highlights for Catholics" -- The Catholic Standard & Times -- has been posted, and there's a really nifty idea that's sprouting out there. Check it:
The late Pope John Paul II had a profound impact on the world’s youth. For that reason, the World Youth Day on-line team wanted to do something – something big – to give young adult Catholics a way to express their gratitude to the saintly man who acknowledged them as the present and future of the Church.

That witness inspired the World Youth Day on-line team to create the world’s largest mosaic of Pope John Paul II, made with individual photos of millions of young people from around the world — the very people JPII called to gather once again for the 20th WYD in Cologne this year.

Each person who e-mails a photo will receive information showing where his or her photo has been placed in the giant mosaic.

The monumental undertaking has been funded by Fuji Film, Dom Radio Koln and other partners, and is scheduled to be complete by the time WYD begins in August.
Article and link info for the mosaic here.



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