Monday, July 25, 2005

Introducing the Compendio

EDIT: I've posted an English translation of the first question and answer of the Compendio here.

Last month, there was griping in the peanut gallery over the issuance of the Compendium of the Cathechism of the Catholic Church, which is currently being translated into English and will be released by the USCCB in October ($17 hardcover, $11 paper). Some took it on themselves to say that the Holy See "basically reissued the Baltimore."

Well, now I'm in a position to speak from authority and say that anyone who (without having seen it, mind you) deems this beauty Balto II is horribly mistaken -- not to mention ignorant and aesthetically challenged.

Thanks to the kindness of a most eminent support and counsel, I received an Italian copy of the Compendio today in the mail. It is quite possibly the most inviting, engaging and luminous catechetical text I've ever seen, and its clarity and simplicity will do much good and be able to serve a broad audience. I haven't been able to put the thing down.

The Compendio project is a pride and joy of B16. You can see it in the sublime artwork he chose, the layout, the quality of the paper, the "feel" of it -- and the cross-references in the margin to the standard CCC. It is already unique in history as its introduction was written by Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger and its promulgation decreed by Benedictus PP. XVI in back-to-back letters. What a treasure and a great way to mark the First 100 Days.

If anyone else has seen it or is eager to, feel free to add comments.



Blogger Rich Leonardi said...


You might consider translating a question a day until the October release and opening it up for comments.

26/7/05 08:15  
Blogger Darwin said...

Indeed. If you can be persuaded to post a daily section, I'll definately visit for it.

BTW, do you have any idea if it's possible to order a Latin copy of the Compendium? I know that the English copy isn't available till October, but though I can't read Italian my schoolboy Latin is still half-way decent.

26/7/05 23:09  

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