Wednesday, July 20, 2005

An Interview With...

Thanks to everyone who's been sending surveys. I'm loving the answers and will, I hope, put them to good use.

It'd be somewhat hypocritical -- or egotistical? -- of me to ask questions and not give answers of my own... So here goes nothing; slice 'n dice at will.

1. Location -- Philadelphia, Land of the Pharaohs.

2. What's your interest? Level of involvement? Professional Catholic.

3. Cultural preferences -- Favorite authors, TV shows, music? Most of this hews toward music -- U2, Damien Rice, Jeff Buckley, Rufus Wainwright, Tracy Chapman, Sarah McLachlan, Coldplay, Ben Folds, Ben Harper, Organ music, Piaf, Elgar, Ralph Vaughan Williams, Taize, etc. As for TV, The Daily Show, Scrubs, Frasier, Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy. And my favorite of all, The "L" Word.

4. What other blogs/news outlets do you regularly read/visit? You don't want to know them all -- but the biggies (read: daily) are the NYTimes, WashPost, BBC, Philly papers, Guardian, Telegraph, Times of London, Corriere, L'Osservatore, La Stampa, Il Messaggero, Zenit, Sydney Morning Herald, San Fran Chronicle, LA Times, Fair Amy and Magister -- and CWNews "News Bytes." Weeklies: The Onion, The Tablet (online, as I'm too poor to subscribe to it), and the diocesan papers of my stable of bishops... as if I'd tell you the names.

5.This is the biggie: Please cite the elements of ecclesiastical life of greatest importance to you.... In sum, I just want to see this community rise above itself -- above its petty rivalries, ephemeral spats, above its self-made divisions -- to be the most effective, charitable, humble and credible messenger and servant it can be before the eyes of the world. And that can only be done when the sniping stops.

'Nuff said.



Blogger Laura Gonzalez said...

"The 'L' Word?" Oh, my. ;-)

I haven't watched it in awhile, myself.

Laura Gonzalez

20/7/05 18:04  

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