Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Inland Empire?

San Bernardino's new auxiliary got a little press yesterday morning, and more today....

For the first time, the bishop and auxiliary of a diocese are both of Hispanic origin. Trivia buffs, take note.

But what amazes me is that the San Bernardino diocese counts 1.2 million Catholics. That's huge. Newark, Philly, Rockville Centre-huge -- it's the third-largest non-archdiocese after Brooklyn and The House That Murphy Renovated (after the nuns got kicked out). And they're only getting one auxiliary? We have 1.5 mil here in Philly, and we've got four. Miami has around 950K and they've got two.

Gerry Barnes said yesterday that he submitted his terna in late 2003 -- this holds to the new (i.e. post-Scandal) working timetable that, from first request until appointment, dioceses are told to wait an unprecedented 18 months or more for a new bishop or auxiliary. Sioux City is still hanging, and it's been vacant since 16 January 04 -- a monumental lag now in its 19th month.

I am really led to believe something in the process is awry. Somebody get The Pro on the case.

Bishop-elect seems to be a nice guy, though -- he likes to shoot pool with sems and composed handwritten notes to each member of his parish staff, thanking them for their goodness to him.

As we've seen with the Pope, a little bit of kindness and respect goes a long way, no?



Blogger Todd said...

"I am really led to believe something in the process is awry."

No kidding.

Maybe a return to tradition would help: the diocesan clergy and laity select their own bishop, subject to approval by Rome.

27/7/05 12:01  
Blogger Samuel J. Howard said...

Oh man. That'd practically be an invitation to schism the first time they get vetoed.

28/7/05 08:31  

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