Monday, July 18, 2005

How Diogenes Got Her Groove Back

The CWNews people were conspicuously quiet last week as their Chief Pharisee -- pseudo-Catholicism's equivalent of Terry McMillan's soon-to-be-ex -- was dubbed the Queen of Mean. But I did get this very interesting e.mail:
Normally, I despise the specious "if you are a homophobe, then you obviously are a homosexual in denial" argument. However, this time, I think you have pegged Diogenes well. He knows way too much gay lingo for your average red-blooded American male. But more importantly, he wallows in what used to be called "morose delectation," by lingering with intense feline interest over every seedy homosexual episode involving priests and seminarians that he can find - all under the specious guise of righteous moral indignation and outrage. Diogenes' "gin, lace and backbiting" style is incredibly incriminating: most males who despise gays wouldn't write like that. I would love to know exactly who Diogenes is, except that he may turn out to be someone that I personally knew or respected in which case I would be very disappointed.
Ooh. Catty.... But the people do have a right to know. I have all the love in the world for out LGBT. But these closet cases are just the worst. Put a collar or a cross on 'em and it just exacerbates the effect.

American Beauty, anyone?

Well, as I posted last night about the Scottish priest who was abused as a boy and received death threats for telling the truth, Bullies Anonymous has honed in. Auntie D opens the crucifixion, calling Steve Gilhooley "perpetually taut with anger," his story "pitiful," his priesthood "inexplicable," "anti-Catholic," and a "clown-on-a-bicycle act."

Talk about kicking someone when he's down.

It's funny -- you'll see I threw Diogenes' name in brackets in my last night's post, never knowing she'd take the bait. The description of self-righteous people just screamed "Lawler & Co." in my mind. That they took it up and did the number they did on this guy just makes Gilhooley look even more the prophet....

What was that great quote again for these people, Steve?

"I said to them, '70,000 people have been butchered and none of you gave a shit. And the reason I know none of you gave a shit was because none of you fell off your seat when I said '70,000 had been butchered', but nearly all of you fell off your seats when I said 'shit.'"

That's it. Perfect.

And lastly, check these contributions from the congregation Gilhooley was speaking exactly about:

  • "We need to pray for the conversion of Fr. Gilhooley." (Just as we need to pray for you daily, sweetheart.)
  • "The conferring of the Red Hat on Archbishop Keith OBrien was a huge mistake. It was also an act of enormous injustice to Archbishop Mario Conti the Archbishop of Glasgow who is all that OBrien is not. Conti is orthodox courageous and a scholar.Why did this happen?" (It happened because Pope John Paul II wanted it to happen. Got a beef? Take it to The Tomb. Go scream at John Paul if you think it was so bad....)
  • "Gilhooley is a pathetic character with no philosophical or theological principles." (Santo Subito for Deal Hudson, I guess.)

And these clowns are said to feel sympathy for abuse victims? They only feel sympathy for a victim when they can exploit their plight. That's called "re-victimization," kids -- no recipe for healthy healing, to be sure.

Then again, who said these lot were healthy?



Blogger Matthew Lickona said...

Gosh Rock, you're straight, and yet you seem to be in on the practice of calling male homosexuals "her." Do you know way too much gay lingo for your average red-blooded American male? If you were offended by the photo/caption that seemed to imply that McCarrick was gay, then you shouldn't stoop to this.
And where exactly do you see folks leaping to Hudson's defense?
And will you please leave off the Fessio/Reese comparison? When Fessio was sent off to hospital chaplaincy, he didn't complain, and he didn't use it as a grandstand. He went. Later, he was invited to be a part of Ave Maria University, and he was allowed to go. He obeyed, just as Reese obeyed.

18/7/05 11:36  

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