Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The Honorable Rev. Mr.

Henceforth, permanent deacons in public office are verboten in the archdiocese of New York.

Just fascinating... one deacon has been on a town board for 30 years and can stay. But that's it:
"Because deacons are ordained clergy, Cardinal Egan felt that this canon [which bars priests from holding office] should include deacons, as well," Egan's spokesman, Joseph Zwilling, said. "The idea is to avoid any possibility of confusion or even the appearance of scandal."
Scandal? SCAN-DAL?! How? Tell me, snowflakes....

Of course, in Philly, where the stated policy of the Most High is "No changes, no problems," nothing will change.

One of our Democratic at-large members of City Council, Juan Ramos, was ordained a deacon in 1999. He was elected to Council four years later -- and the archdiocesan paper (where abuse news goes to die) referred to him during the campaign as "Rev. Mr. Juan Ramos," even during the campaign.... And some think that's not an endorsement.

But the question of deacons in public office does raise salient issues. Do you think it's a scandal, church? Should deacons in public life be encouraged?

This is one of those many areas where bishops have (here's a magic word) discretion to interpret the canons as they see fit. And I'd like to get the mind of the body on this....

With that, buona notte.



Blogger Fred said...

Why do you call your readers snowflakes? Is it because you see some similarity to adopted-and-thawed frozen embryos?

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