Thursday, July 28, 2005

Gossip, et. al.

While I spend the evening banging away on the continuation of my series of reflections on the journey (Part I -- Part II), here are some noteworthy things to see until Part III appears:

One of my favorite Angelenos, Clayton over at The Weight of Glory, muses on Tom Cruise and the things we say, for good or ill.

Someone on the comment boards has compared Marcel Maciel to Jesus and Levada to Pilate. In case that didn't process the first time, I repeat: someone on the comment boards has compared Marcel Maciel to Jesus and Levada to Pilate.

Talk about raising your middle finger heavenward. Not to mention a compliment to Pilate -- first time that's happened in a long time, eh?

And, lastly, the future of the church (if all this catfighting and Mahony-Bernardin-USCCB Hatred keeps up) was explored on the cover of this morning's NYTimes in a piece on the culture of Midwestern steel-cage fighting. As the enlightened reader who e.mailed a copy of it around said in his subject line, "You straights sure present good role models for us intrinsically disordered folks."

Exactly why I'm not normally one for the company of my fellow straight men. As I always say, I have not been sent to save the race -- if I were, it'd be so much more than a full-time job and there'd be no energy left for this.



Blogger Disgusted in DC said...

I have no opinion on the charges against Father Maciel, but that Levada/Pilate comparison is quite simply bizarre.

29/7/05 10:39  
Blogger pazdziernik said...

It seems that beyond a reasonable doubt Rocco missed the parody that "hysterical screaming headlines" have precedent. Maybe he's just training to be a contemporary journalist and needs the practice? It's unfortunate that Rocco saw Levada-Pilate and Jesus-Macial comparisons when one was certainly not intended. Maybe it's just more practice toward the same end?

30/7/05 00:15  

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