Friday, July 22, 2005

A Feast Day Meditation

Well, Merry Magdalenmas to everyone... And God knows what it will bring -- how many ordinations on rivers can we take, people? If this insanity keeps up, we'll be having an ordination on the Mississippi in front of the Gateway Arch within a year. Power plays cloaked in victimhood. Ugh... the worst. Every river or not a font, I guess?

The most beautiful celebration of this day I've ever seen (although not in person) is the goregous liturgy and procession at the basilica of Vezelay, where the arm of the Magdalene is kept. It's dignified, aesthetically simple and there's nary a boat of Mary Rammermans in sight. The nuns of Vezelay are actually all habited out, it's really something to look into -- even though the place will most likely be beseiged this year by the scented-oil crowd who see Dan Brown as the second coming of Elvis or something.

Now if CNN were smart, they'd air their documentary on The Two Marys today -- God knows their ratings go through the roof whenever they show it. But, come on, as if CNN would have any command of the liturgical calendar? (After all the bogus "Here's what we're doing to make sure the London bombings won't happen here" coverage today -- the most self-absorbed, inane angles I've ever seen -- don't start me on the idiocy of TV news at moments like this... Even if it has nothing to do with you, in Wichita or wherever you are, that doesn't mean it isn't news. And the moron networks should go nowhere near feeding that self-seeking beast. Oh, the irresponsibility!)

People love that DaVinci Code, though -- and we couldn't have asked for a more damaging commentary on our institutional lack of credibility than its success and the perceptions of it as truth. Bertone can scream all he wants and have the book pulled from all the shops on the Via della Conciliazione, but the bosses have no one to blame for the craziness but themselves.

Could they finally learn that lesson this time? Don't look out your window for the flying pigs.



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