Friday, July 22, 2005

Everybody Gets Lei'd

It's early morning in the Far Pacific, and the reports from yesterday's ordination are starting to come in... But check this photo -- they carried the cathedra in procession.

Anyone who says that Oceanic cultures have no place in liturgy doesn't know what they're missing. They had conch shells blowing, chanting, floral grandeur, and the Hawaiian equivalent of Knights of Malta. But what I'm really curious to know if Levada said, "Aloha. Peace be with you" -- something which vacationers from the Mainland have been known to experience while staying in Hawaii. That leis were worn in the presence of the Great Inquisitor is a sign that rumors of inculturation's demise are greatly unfounded.

Look, Mom -- even the MC wore flowers! But the intriguing thing is that Levada still wore the pallium. Technically, he shouldn't have; his privilege to it ended at his appointment as prefect of the CDF, when he became apostolic administrator of San Francisco. Oh well, if Georg can wear slacks in the papal presence, then this is a kind of nonissue, too.

Silva brought a thunderous round of applause with his very first comment as he spoke of how his father had always told the story about how his mother made Portuguese sweet bread to help raise money to build St. Theresa's church.

"Two centuries ago missionaries from such places as France, Belgium and the United States set out to plant seeds of faith in the firm land of Hawai'i, showing that all people and all nations are meant to be in union with one another."

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