Thursday, July 28, 2005

Even More Ingrid

The sweetest comment appeared in the boxes this morning. A "CBM" writes:
By the way...I met Ingrid Stampa on 28 June on the Borgo Pio. She was very friendly and smiles broadly. She is NOT a member of Schoenstatt nor does she wear a veil. She was dressed in a SLEEVELESS white summer dress and sandals. God bless her, it was 100 degrees!
So Georg's wearing pants and Ingrid's wearing sandals. God Bless them both. To reprise what I said this morning, and we could make it a slogan: "Benedict XVI: Bringing the Papacy into Reality, One Less Mantilla at a Time."

We know Ingrid doesn't wear a veil, nor does she wear a habit -- even though her ensemble at the Installation bore a strong resemblance to some kind of cowl. Yet as she supervises the renovations of the papal apartments at the Apostolic Palace which are currently underway, it seems that the question of her affiliation with the Schoenstatt community is lingering.

After the election, the wire services reported that she was a "member of the Schoenstatt Sisters" -- an inaccuracy. My own sources have clarified that she is a lay affiliate. The Times of London went so far as to call her "Sister" in early May, and as recently as two weeks ago, Sandro Magister wrote the following:
Benedict XVI loves to write by hand, in German, in a miniscule script that is perfectly legible to his trusted secretaries, Ingrid Stampa and Birgit Wansing, both of whom are German and belong to the spiritual movement of Schönstatt, which was started in 1914 in a small Marian sanctuary in the Rhine valley and today is found in eighty countries throughout the world.
So, barring a first-hand statement to the contrary, I'm sticking with the "lay affiliate" line.



Blogger Marianne_M said...

I think it is indecent for a Pope's assistant to be dressed in a sleeveless dress.

28/7/05 14:58  
Blogger edgleason said...

Indecent Marianne?? stay away from Africa where the Pope says the vocations are coming from.. Stay in an upper class burb and wear 'flip-flops'

28/7/05 15:18  
Blogger Jeff said...

Something is clearly wrong with me, because I don't give a tinker's damn whether Georg wears pants or some woman wears a sleeveless dress. But I AM in favor of the Pope wearing baseball caps and the idea of a baseball team for St. Anne's parish in Vatican City is very exciting. Women can be on the team for sure...but they have to wear mantillas.

Well? You have to keep some CONNECTION with tradition! Or else you become pedestrian. Maybe that's the solution: split the Roman Rite in two. Roman Rite--Traditional Usage; and Roman Rite--Pedestrian Usage. That should settle EVERYBODY's hash!

28/7/05 16:10  
Blogger CBM said...

I asked her point blank about Schoensatt because it was a Schoenstatt priest (I am a "priest affiliate" (my own term based on the thread)of CL not Schoenstatt so I am unfamiliar with the different levels of affiliation)who was covering my parish to allow my visit to the Infernal City. I thought that this might give me an "in" (afterall, MD Carmela was not the one standing in front of me at the photo shop that sweltering evening.) Dr. Stampa said to me that while there were indeed Schoensatt people(at least one consecrated lay woman)in the CDF she herself was NOT. We didn't get into the "levels of affiliation". Again, she was just as friendly and chatty as could be, however, the desired invitation to the Apartamento did not come. Allora, the Holy Father is still very fortunate to have such a genuinely human, realistic and kind person in such proximity. And, let us not forget that Ingrid, Carmela ( I have a great story about Ratzinger and Carmela from the day of his birthday three days before the election)and Don Giorgio are of HIS choosing. Altro Grande Papa!

29/7/05 08:27  
Blogger Jimmy Mac said...

She could be wearing a skin-tight, body-hugging, neck to ankle sarong, covering up all of her near occasions of sin. Would that be decent enough?

Good grief, folks: this ain't the 1950s! If B16 thought enough to choose Ingrid, then she certainly knows how to comport herself, no matter what Catlick prudes might think!

29/7/05 11:57  
Blogger Sam Martin said...

Clearly Dr. Stampa is a person of education and accomplishment who has dedicated her life and work to the service of the Church and now to the papcy - she should be congratulated! She has been well-known and well-thought of in Rome for a decade and a half now - folks should give her a break - and probably a "pat on the back". B16 is not the only one with a hard job right now - with all these uncharitable remarks flying around! Would all of us out here in "armshir quarterback land" be ready to give over our lives to such service - and endure the "slings and arrows"? I'm guessing not.

29/7/05 18:10  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


It's already split like that. Where the heck you been??

And Jimmy Mac, just because it ain't the 60s doesn't mean people can show their parts all over. Modernity means everything to some people, doesn't it??

30/7/05 14:18  
Blogger christianspectator said...

What puzzles me is that she is said to have stated that 'she is married to her music' and has sacrificed EVERYTHING for it's sake.

If that is the case, what is she doing in the Vatican? Surely she would be much happier working in her 'old' role as a Professor of music or teacher or whatever it was she was supposed to be.

Seems to me that no one REALLY KNOWS just what her exact role is at the Vatican, but could be she's just piddling about to be near Joseph Ratzinger.

Does she not have a home to go to I wonder?????

24/8/05 08:35  
Blogger christianspectator said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

24/8/05 08:52  
Blogger asv said...

Hi, I don't know much about Ingrid Stampa, but I know for a fact that his private secretary, Birgit Wansing is a Sister of Schoenstatt. She uses lay dress because the sisters are allowed to use it depending on their work. In community they usually wear uniform. Schoenstatt members have different levels of commitment, some live in community, others don't, and although it may sound confusing, all are lay, (meaning that they sign a contract instead of vows).

15/9/05 16:15  

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