Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The Curial Earthquake Pregame Show

Keeping with the armchair quarterback vein of last post, CWNews runs a story on plate-shifting at the Mothership. Effective 1 August, the faculty of dismissal from the clerical state will be transferred to Clergy from Divine Worship, ending an arrangement which was always an awkward fit -- one devised in Pastor Bonus.

Now, according to bureaucratic theory, if the amount of one's responsibilities is equal to one's clout, this is a slight to St. Francis Arinze, patron of ecclesiastical refrigerators and waterparks in the boonies.

The new state of affairs allows CDW to get back to what they do best -- bizarre translations and debacles like the whole "Et, elevatis manibus, benedixit eos" woodcarving....

Congrats to Arinze and family. Many happy returns.



Blogger Rocco Palmo said...

The difference? Arinze is still alive and effecting policy. If he were dead 10 years and people were still going off on him, I'd tell them to hang it up and find a new cat to meow at, too.

But I do pray for Cardinal Arinze's continued good health -- he's too much fun to keep tabs on.

So I guess it's ok to keep savaging the dead, Jeff?

27/7/05 17:15  
Blogger Disgusted in DC said...

Of course, there is a significant difference between light ribbing and flacking bizarre conspiracy theories involving child abuse, satanism, liberal theologians, and the bishops' conference.

27/7/05 17:59  
Blogger Vonshui said...

Applause for Gyrovagus!

Really guys: cleric or laymen, dead or alive, they are people. If we believe in empowering the laity, lets not put the heirarchy above criticism, jests and stupid comments alike. If I get them, they should too. Its a human thing. If Jesus isn't above conspiracy theories and its ok to talk about Him, hell write novels and cinema around the conspiracies, why is it wrong to entertain freaky conspiracy theories circling Bernadin? They are conspiracies after all...

27/7/05 22:29  

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