Friday, July 01, 2005

Ciao, Papal Foundation!

Today, B16 received the Executive Council of the Papal Foundation: Keeler, McCarrick and the Pharaoh. That song, "Money, Money, Money, Money -- MON-EY!" (the theme to The Apprentice) was playing in the Apartment as the visitors arrived.... This is the first private audience for each with the new Pope.

In particular, I wonder what was going through Rigali's mind.

It's been established that Caro Giustino was not the happiest camper at the election of Ratzinger as Benedict XVI -- even the most serene and holy churchmen are not immune to that pesky State-CDF steel cage match. In an interview hours after the electors were released from the conclave, Rigali memorably said that, despite working with Ratzinger for 14 years in the Curia, "I'm not close to him at all."

For the ultimate diplomat, that's a major slip of the tongue -- one that speaks volumes.

But not only is the great son of State, Philly's gloriosa regimente, stewing privately. He's seemingly keeping vigil at the tomb, like Mary Magdalene for Jesus, or like a lone Haisidim waiting for Menachem Schneerson to arise.

In Rigali's case, he's anticipating the return of John Paul II.

Ever since his return from Rome, his columns in the Catholic Standard & Times (where abuse news goes to get killed, so we don't have to be ostentatious and issue a press release or something) have been a series dedicated to "The Legacy of John Paul II."

Apparently, this will go on for several months, until the shock of Ratzinger in white has worn off over at the Mansion House and Pharaoh is resigned to living with it.

I pray today's meeting helped JR cope with his grieving process.



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