Saturday, July 30, 2005

Caption Call

Uncle G sends along this delightful shot from the mountains.... Somebody's got to come up with a good tagline for it. (Photo: AP)



Blogger Fred said...

Are you a good witch or a bad witch?

30/7/05 12:33  
Blogger Jeff said...

I thought at first that there must be someone REALLY interesting over there to the right since everybody including the Pope was aiming a gander in that direction. Wouldn't you expect them to be gazing at Mr. Pontiff in wide-eyed wonder?

Then I realized that this is a thing you see every once in while: a picture of people being photographed by someone else. THAT's who they're looking at!

"Ratz n' Tykes Cheese for Camera"

30/7/05 12:42  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ice cream? Where?!

30/7/05 13:45  
Blogger Faithful Catholic Professionals said...

"Oh, someday she wants to be a priest!"

30/7/05 14:35  
Blogger Stephen Hand said...

Fred K made me do a belly laugh, so I defer to his...

31/7/05 15:40  
Blogger sacerdote said...

"Why of course, Liebchens, I buy ALL my clothes and jewels from the great 'sacerdote' on eBay."

1/8/05 11:30  

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