Sunday, July 17, 2005

Awards Season

If you thought that this was a hot kitchen before, get out your flak jackets....

One way I've thought of drumming up buzz here was to do lists. The Loggia 100 -- a list of opinion-makers and ground-shakers across the spectrum -- is a project I've been working on in my spare time. But I think I've come up with an even more fun one for the interim.

VOTF's motto, for those who don't know it, is "Keep the Faith -- Change the Church." In that spirit, I'm tempted to solicit nominees for the first "Screw the Faith -- Exploit the Church" Awards.

This honorific, the lowest we can bestow, is reserved for those who have been exceptionally brazen in their attempts to turn Catholicism into their own political plaything and exile to the back of the bus anyone who sees otherwise, i.e. rationally.

To be fair, it should apply across ideological lines. As a rule, bishops are exempt from nomination as they have something you and I don't -- a mandate from the Holy See authorizing them to be authentic teachers of the faith. Even if you don't like what they're teaching, the fact that they're in office means that the letter appointing them is still in force and they enjoy communion with Rome. So weep all you want, snowflakes, but political ax-grinding (not to mention budding schism) is not welcome here.

FYI, Deal Hudson has already been selected as the first Lifetime Achievement Winner -- the award is being named for him. The criteria for lifetime achievement is that, in a scenario where the church were a downtrodden young woman, the nominee would have no qualms forcing his desires onto her, however unwilling she may be. Deal knows a thing or two about this in reality, so he takes the cake this time. Kudos for his lack of shame!

Nominations are welcome in the comment box below or via e.mail. Let's get some buzz goin'!



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