Wednesday, July 13, 2005

An Assist for Life

OK, so I made a plea for balance and comprehensiveness in the pro-life message this morning, and I get called pro-choice. Well, it seems I'm being echoed out West. And don't you even think of tarring Archbishop Chaput -- that is not tolerated here:
Serving human dignity begins with ensuring every person’s right to life from conception to natural death. That always means defending the disabled, the terminally ill and the unborn child. But our obligations go beyond that. The right to life implies other rights. It implies the right to adequate food, clothing and medical care, justice under the law and opportunities to earn a living. It also implies a right to adequate shelter; to a place each of us can call “home.”
See? This is a column on homelessness as a "necessary" plank in an authentic culture of life, as opposed to the social teachings of Archbishop Bush.

Seems I'm not as crazy (or Episcopalian) as my critics are making me out to be, after all.... Read on.



Blogger Jeff said...

No, you didn't make a plea for being more than anti-abortion. You made a sneering slam at the pro-life movement for being hypocritical because it supports candidates who are anti-abortion, even if they don't always agree on the DEGREE or the MANNER in which to render assistance to people after birth. All Republican candidates, like all Democratic ones, believe in society offering help to the underpriveleged. Just not every kind of help, to every degree, under every circumstance without regard to any unintended consequences.

And no I don't "see." Chaput, as you know, is a friend and supporter of pro-lifers in particular and Republicans in general, especially President Bush, certainly not of candidate Kerry or his ilk. First, defend life. THEN, go beyond that. That's what Chaput says in your quote. NOT if you defend life but want to spend 50 million on homelessless rather than 75 million, you're a hypocrite and it's just as good to support Democrats who want to protect the "right" to kill children as it is to support Republicans who DO support government assistance to ALL those causes outlined above, just not as much as YOU might wish.

Nor does he defend pro-abortion (yes, indeed!) politicians and trash pro-lifers. He condemns the pro-aborts and says we CANNOT support them. He supports the pro-lifers and says, Don't forget, do more. Did you say that? I don't think so.

You MUST support pro-lifers, even if their grasp of social doctrine is INCOMPLETE. They've got the basics down. Then you praise and criticize by turns and encourage to do more. They are basically on your side. To paraphrase Chaput, "We are not on the Republicans' side, they are on OUR side." That's what he says.

You MAY NOT support pro-aborts with their hypocritical arguments about how they don't want Massa to kill his darkies, but don't believe in lifting a hand to stop it. They are out of bounds. That's not just politics; it's keeping faith with your religion and your humanity.

And hey, if you find a Bob Casey, who supports both, that's your dreamworld--knock yourself out! But don't special plead for the appalling slimes who fight tooth and nail to protect the right of women to pierce the skulls of the babies they are delivering and extract the brains, complaining the while that, Good Heavens!, they are not FOR it, they just want to make sure no one can STOP it and besides--what about school lunches with extra peanut butter, isn't that just as important?

If you support pro-choice politicians, expect to be called pro-choice! Though I didn't call you that, it's certainly the natural conclusion to draw. It's certainly more logical than accusing pro-lifers of being against taking care of living people!

And quit carping when you accuse others of hypocrisy and the response is, Look to the beam in your own eye first. As the man said, what's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander!

13/7/05 21:29  
Blogger pazdziernik said...

Catholic Bishops teach and speak about many many issues all the time. The media, politicians, and others often ignore these except when they touch on defending human life and human dignity, e.g. abortion, contraception, homosexual behaviour.

14/7/05 08:52  

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