Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Appointment Alarm

OK, we have an American appointment to chew on this morning. It's not Detroit or DC, but it is the first of anything we've had since June 21.

Benedict XVI has named Fr. Rutilio Del Riego, of the Fraternity of Diocesan Priest-Workers of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, pastor of Our Lady of Perpetual Help at Riverside, as auxiliary to Bishop Gerry Barnes of San Bernardino. The bishop-elect, who will be 65 in September, was born in Spain, earned an STL from Catholic U, taught Spanish at the Benedictine College at Latrobe, directed vocations for the archdiocese of San Antonio and Hispanic Ministry for the archdiocese of Washington. Quite a pedigree.

In other appointment news, B16 has made his first major move in the Diplomatic Corps, retiring Archbishop Giorgio Zur as nuncio to Austria for reasons of age. But Zur has had his share of debacles of late, which didn't hurt his letter's quick acceptance -- he only turned 75 in February. The Holy See's new man in Vienna is Archbishop Edmond Farhat, the 72 year-old nuncio to Turkey.

As us Statesiders have been aware for some time, Archbishop Gabriel Montalvo -- the nuncio to Washington -- turned 75 in January. Given the importance of relations with the US government and the appointments which Massachussetts Avenue advises on, Montalvo's retirement is seen as impending. It seems his appointment slates have been put on hold and are being re-scrutinized before they get greenlighted.

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Blogger Kenjiro Shoda said...

Good thing Montalvo's slate of appointments are being re-checked. Hopefully the liberal, progressive dissenting, pro-gay Bishop canidates will be discarded from any list. Unfortunatly this was not the case under JP II. Hundreds got in under His watch because He didn't take a keen interest in the selection process.
HOpefully no more Bernardin/Gregory/Pilarczyk/Hubbard style Bishops in the USA (or elsewhere) Only traditional Catholic Bishops need apply.
We're counting on Benedict XVI to actually do His job.

26/7/05 19:38  
Blogger Gyrovagus said...

Wow, Kenjiro's put quite a team together there:

Bernardin / Gregory / Pilarczyk / Hubbard

Are they supposed to be soul-mates?

I mean, besides the fact that Bernardin's dead (HOW MANY YEARS NOW? I guess for Kenjiro a liberal, progressive dissenting, pro-gay just CAN'T be dead enough), can ANYONE picture those four going on vacation together? Or even out to dinner?

As I've said elsewhere, for Kenjiro & Co., not even a bishop named The Most Rev. Jesus H. Christ, D.D. could please 'em.

Obviously John Paul II didn't do his job.

At least not as perfectly as Pope Kenjiro I could have done it.

Have any of these folks gotten to the part of Mother Bombastica's Heavenly Hints On How To Be A True Catholic where you study HUMILITY?

Wouldn't it be funny for all of them if a REALLY "traditional" Catholic bishop came in, in the process of doing HIS job, reminded Kenjiro and the gang of how to do THEIR job in the pre-Vatican II Church:



3. PAY UP.

And Father will call you next time you're needed for something.

26/7/05 23:53  
Blogger Jamie said...


I don't quite follow why you keep calling del Riego the 'bishop-elect'. He's an auxiliary, not a coadjutor, or are you already predicting that he will replace Barnes?

28/7/05 08:32  
Blogger Jamie said...

Ah, my mistake, question withdrawn *duh*

29/7/05 08:19  

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