Sunday, July 17, 2005

500 Years of Tallis

It seems there are a lot of celebrations going on this weekend of one of my favorite composers, Thomas Tallis. This year marks the 500th anniversary of Tallis' birth, and the Tudor music is a-flowin', which is always a beautiful thing. Especially because it's beautiful music in English, and there are still those who believe that there is no such thing as beautiful music in English. Oh well.

On that topic, there were some very interesting comments on yesterday's post about the spoilt child Gerry Matatics, who can't find it in himself to think with the church and basically wants to: 1. be coddled and 2. condemn all us heretical Novus Ordo people to Hell.

Lovely, no?

As you can see below, I made a point of contrasting Matatics with Tom Reese, who is tres Catholic -- which is not an adjective that can be judged by whether you like someone or not. That said, I love Tom.

Jeff doesn't like this:
[Reese] resigned rather than be fired for writing stories that "balanced" Catholic views with heterodox ones, being careful not to be too judgmental.

Yes, let's avoid being judgmental about people who want to reinvent Catholicism to suit themselves, but let's be judgmental as hell about the ones who are stuck in the genuine Catholicism of a few decade ago.
Hmm. And Gerry Matatics doesn't want to reinvent Catholicism to suit himself? I'd be amazed to see that argument pulled off logically... It's like saying that Thomas Jefferson's bible is still a revealed text, regardless of the elisions. And the whole reason we had a council 40 years ago is that the Catholicism wasn't genuine, snowflakes, the perception being ecclesial life had gotten too fixated on lace and lavishness.... And where are we now?

Say what you will about the content and framing of stories in America, but once the word came down from Rome that he had to go, Tom Reese obeyed. He said not a word of protest and left. He didn't use it as a moment to raise money or stoke self-righteous rage as Joe Fessio would've (and did), he didn't stomp his feet and cry because his feelings were hurt like little Gerry. Now that's selflessness. It's a handy quality in the life of a community seeking to work toward something it sees as bigger than its members' respective egos. And the only way this can be done is...? Oh, that's right, when licit authority and governance are respected.

This is why the Good Lord gave us Canon 1373, which will soon keep both the Mahony-haters and the pro-choice politicians in their pews at communion time. Fabulous.

But still, I'd pay money to see Reese's brand of maturity and selfless love of church from Matatics and his ilk.



Blogger Tony said...

Right on, Rocco. Your comments on Reese are right on target. As opposed to those traditionalists who want to reinvent Catholicism in their own image.

I am a fan of the Tridentine rite and count my self traditionalist, but my Church has told me that the Novus Ordo is valid and licit. What we CAN do is within the framework of the Novus Ordo as written, we can work to make it the most devotional and spiritual mass we can.

17/7/05 09:48  

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