Wednesday, June 22, 2005


A big thank you card to the Belleville diocesan sound people and prelates who don't know how to turn a clip-on microphone off.

Braxton's about to launch into his installation homily, where he'll sing "You Don't Bring Me Flowers" to his new flock, but live mics caught some interesting sotto voce slips in the first moments of the liturgy.

As Braxton was about to be led to the Chair, Cardinal George joked, "Well, we know the Bull is authentic, but is this really Edward Braxton?" Once Belleville's bishop was seated, George leaned in to whisper, "You're in! You're in!"

At least, George thought it was a whisper.


Wait, wait... PRAISE DANCERS! YES!

At the "Alleluia," 12 African-American young women swayed up the aisle, dancing around the bowl of incense and the book of the Gospels which they bore. The Gospel book had an African angel on the cover. Goregous....

Wow... this is fabulous. I can only imagine how furious any watching cons are -- this is pure Piero Marini-style beauty.

The people are applauding the dancers. The cons, in their liturgical purity (lace, anyone?), would condemn them all to hell.

And so it begins... homily time.



Blogger Jeff said...

If we wonder, with Pope Benedict, whether dance is proper in the liturgy, does that make us vicious in your eyes?

22/6/05 18:29  
Blogger Merial said...

OH!...OH!....and let's not forget...the "piano processional"

Can u say, "First Catholic Church of Belleville?"

Everybody say "GEE-ZUS!"

24/6/05 14:22  
Blogger Merial said...

Well, in 1982, the US Conf of Catholic Bishops published a document which forbad all liturgical dancing at an liturgy, prayer service, etc. Either they should abide by the directives in their own newsletter (apr/may 82) or stop bothering to write up such
useless junk....

4/7/05 10:20  

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