Sunday, June 26, 2005

A Sign of Canonization Awareness

A cultural meditation: since "Livestrong," we've had wristbands for various charities abound... Breast cancer (pink), heart disease (red), the plight of inner-city youth (dark blue).. and the list goes on.

Now some marketing genius has created one to advocate the canonization of John Paul II: Introducing the Santo Subito wristband. Even for me, and I loved the man, this is a bit much. But it'll be mandatory EWTN wearing in short order.

They're charging $5 a bracelet. That's extortion. As Sr. AnnJoan says, there's no indication that the proceeds here are going to help the work of the cause for JP's canonization, which open's Tuesday.

But, hey, the same mindset gave us the phone company (whose name eludes me) that isn't just any phone company, it's Jesus' phone company... Direct lines to Heaven are an add-on for $6.99 a month. God help us.

Thanks to nunblog and Big Sis in Rome for the tip :)



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