Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Musical Curialists?

An interesting comment just got dropped. I'll parse it:
Piero Marini will be named to an Italian Diocese.
I noted a couple weeks ago a report that Marini's name was in the hopper to go to Ischia. Teheran? Not so much... it's much nicer than Teheran, even in the glory days of the Shah.
Mgr. Franco Camaldo will replace him as Vatican Master of Ceremonies.
Is Camaldo the one whom, I'm told, tried to sit down and stay in the Sistina after Marini declared "Extra omnes"? Very respectful gesture, there -- a sign of things to come.
Mgr. Josef Clemens will become Prefect of the Papal Household...
The CP (Casa Pontificia) would be in for a Teutonic rein-tightening. Score one for CDF.
...and the current Prefect, Archbishop James Harvey, will replace Archbishop Levada as Archbishop of San Francisco.
It's funny, the Milwaukee-born Harvey's name has been going around for a couple places here -- a well-connected bishop went so far as to suggest to me a couple weeks back that Harvey could get DC, which would fit with his background in the Secretariat of State. It wouldn't be a con victory by any stretch; Harvey's smart, too smart to be a political puppet.

If Harvey ends up on this side of the pond again, score two for CDF -- and -2 for State.



Blogger Catherine said...

Why Ischia?
It already has a bishop (not an Archbishop) Who is 57. Are they planning to move him on?

30/6/05 02:46  

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