Monday, June 20, 2005

A Legend in His Own Time

Word's come from Manila that Cardinal Sin died tonight, aged 76. The Philippines will mourn in a monumental way. Even the BBC's top story is the passing of the man once dubbed "the Divine Commander-in-Chief."

Think about the numbers -- one million people mobilized by Sin for People Power, seven million (the largest crowd in human history) who came to see John Paul II ten years back at WYD in Manila. The funeral will be like the events of April in microcosm.

Jaime Sin was unique -- presidents came and went, but he brought the standing of the church as national conscience to unseen levels over his three decades as archbishop of Manila. He didn't just know the power brokers, he was the power broker, toppling two presidents in the name of the common good. Above all, this was a man who saw that political corruption ran contrary to the principles of the Gospel. His example could teach many Americans....

In her statement tonight, the Filipino President -- who took office after Sin led a revolt against her predecessor -- called the late cardinal "A great liberator of the Filipino people and a champion of God."

We could use more of that kind of courage in our own lands, no?

Poor Soc Villegas.... He must be devastated.



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