Monday, June 27, 2005

Late to the Party

Happy Monday, snowflakes.

You know, I was looking forward to the six-monthiversary of my first post in this forum... After some checking, I learnt it was last week. So welcome to half-year celebration week, and what a week it is; Peter and Paul always brings buzz back from Rome, it's a tres newsworthy period across the Pond.

Here's something for everyone to keep an eye for. The big date-marker is coming up: fourteen years since I got into all this. And fourteen for me is a very lucky number, always has been.

As that July day when it all began (and the same day exactly a decade later when everything took a dramatic turn) draws near, I'll be telling the story of the first ten years, and how celebrating the past in a faraway place opened the door to an unexpected and brilliant future.

I've survived six months of blogging... Happy Monthiversary to me!



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