Monday, June 27, 2005

Keeping Afloat

I hate doing this -- I always hate doing this -- but I need to make another request for your support. This outlet is the new PBS, I know... but Washington can't chop my budget, it's already painfully limited.

As everyone here knows, the first of the month is coming, and it's time to pay the bills. Writing at this level doesn't come cheap -- just today, I logged a couple hours of trans-Atlantic calling to get some on-the-ground feed for you, my gentle snowflakes -- so if you enjoy, appreciate and are able to support the work you and hundreds of others see every day, please click the donation button on the right sidebar and throw a couple coins in the guitar case.

It'll go a long way to keeping everything rolling along and ensuring that I can stay on top of things, as opposed to having to find work driving getaway vans in the name of fiscal stability.

Time to blow off some steam and head out. Grazie mille and goodnight!



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