Monday, June 27, 2005


Absorb this image, snowflakes.... As a correspondent writes of the Tridentine fantasy shown here: "COUNT THE HATS on the ALTAR! Two mitres and one HUGE tiara! Is the altar a hat stand or the altar of sacrifice (we dare not use the term Lord's Table)?"

Suffice it to say, hats are not a triumph of ressourcement. Fixation on temporal dominion, yes. Authenticity, no.



Blogger Paul Goings said...

So I'm assuming you'd prefer that we never saw such a sight again?

Pity, I'd rather like to. The ceremonies of the traditional Papal Mass were edifying and uplifting. While I don't question the competence or authority of the Holy See to alter them as the Pontiff sees fit, I still find them appealing.

27/6/05 16:02  
Blogger Blogger said...

I definitely question the wisdom of the post-VII popes in getting away from this. Obviously, it's been a complete disaster.

1/1/06 18:07  

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