Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The Glorification of Sin

So after a week of unparalleled national mourning, Manila laid Cardinal Sin to rest today. Imelda Marcos and her shoe collection were conspicuous by their absence.

As expected, Soc Villegas (the protege whom Sin ordained auxiliary in Manila when Villegas was around 19 years old) gave the homily. As Gaudencio Rosales, who succeeded Sin, is already pushing 70, the 44 year-old Villegas has the inside track on his succession.

"Thank you for glorifying Sin," Villegas said in his message. "It's the one glorification of Sin in which the Lord takes delight."

Three cardinals were present: Ricardo Vidal, the Filipino archbishop of Cebu; the Indonesian Jesuit Julius Riyadi Darmaatmadja (who was spotted walking around Rome in cassock and baseball cap during the interregnum); and Roger Mahony.

Mahony's everywhere these days. He might be prepping to be the next Bernie Law.... But if Roger got a Roman gig as a basilica archpriest, could you imagine the fury of his enemies? Abuse, schmabuse -- they'll just exploit whatever excuse they can find to shoot that man to the moon. It's really scary how whipped up the cons get at the mention of his name.



Blogger the Savage said...

Okay, here's the scoop, Rocco. Musical chairs at the Vatican. Piero Marini will be named to an Italian Diocese. Mgr. Franco Camaldo will replace him as Vatican Master of Ceremonies. Mgr. Josef Clemens will become Prefect of the Papal Household, and the current Prefect, Archbishop James Harvey, will replace Archbishop Levada as Archbishop of San Francisco.

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