Friday, June 03, 2005


The Crisis continues -- Deal Hudson just won't be a man, put his tail between his legs and go away, doing the church a huge favor in the process. And, par for the course, the cons seem to be shrugging it off and saying "Oops." Or they're flipping that the press took away their VIP treatment at 1600.

Ugh. Mr. Deal -- he of the "Sexual assault? What sexual assault?" mindset, as if guilt were just a feeling -- keeps trying to run away from his sordid not-so-past and reinvent himself as moral arbiter, exploiting American Catholics and their electoral clout in the process. In this latest saga, we have the cancellation of a scheduled White House briefing during a $2,000 a head golf funder for Crisis. (Tip to the Fair Amy.)

Given Hudson's woes, the event is ironically named the Lazarus Golf Tournament. He wants his comeback so bad you can taste it.

Obviously, it's verboten for White House briefings to be the backend of a quid pro quo. So when the Washington Times called the WH press office to ask about this, they basically drop-kicked and ran screaming from it.

Rich Catholics, unethical contributions and criminal sex assault do not mix well.

But it shows that, behind the scenes, nothing changes -- that Deal Hudson is still Rove's go-to guy on Catholic issues. What's next: Cardinal Law, back from Rome to introduce his pro-life President?

But this story goes deeper. According to Julia Duin

In September, [Hudson] was forced out of his position as Crisis publisher by his board after five Crisis columnists brought up accusations of more recent sexual misconduct by Mr. Hudson....

God bless America -- where a professor can ply a female student of his with booze, take advantage of her, keep acting randy after losing his tenure and still be a prophetic voice for Catholic moralists.

And one who raises money:

In January, Mr. Hudson was named as the Morley Institute's director and slowly began nurturing his political contacts. On April 13, he helped stage a $250-a-plate third annual "American Patriot Dinner" in Manhattan, benefiting Crisis and the Morley Institute [i.e. Deal's golden parachute].

Veterans Affairs Secretary Jim Nicholson, a former RNC chairman [and US ambassador to the Holy See], was the honored guest. Attendees included Tim Goeglein and Matt Smith from the White House's Office of Public Liaison, and Ralph Reed, a political consultant for the 2004 Bush campaign.

The best word on this comes from one of Amy's commentators who is just having fits of the apocalypse because she loves Deal so much. Check this nugget:

[Duin is] broadcasting the fact that many people in the grassroots, at the White House and Catholic leadership circles still seek advice and friendship from Deal. They've not impacted his relationships.

That's why the press is here -- to broadcast when politicians and perverts collide, because the people have a right to know... especially when the President loves speaking about the role of faith in his life.

But look at that quote. Do this mental exercise: take out Deal Hudson -- Southern male, born evangelical, brilliant fellow with woman trouble -- and insert Bill Clinton -- Southern male, born evangelical, brilliant fellow with a woman problem.

Envision the hypocrisy, the fury, the sanctimony that statement would engender.

But, obviously, someone whose actions make Clinton's pale in comparison can be the Head Catholic in the eyes of a Republican administration which was elected because of Clinton's moral lapses. And the people who warned their kids about Bad, Bad Bill aren't batting an eyelid, almost laughing Deal's "youthful indiscretions" off.

You don't need me to say how disgusting a festival of lies that is. Hudson's taking advantage of another woman every time he wades into the political waters -- he's forcing himself, again and again, on the church.

Think of this as the straight man's Jeff Gannon.



Blogger Matthew Lickona said...

Please don't hang Deal Hudson around the cons' neck like he was a millstone. I'm not sure I fit the con description - I certainly don't think I fit yours - but I know people who do, and who found Hudson's actions (and response to their exposure) reprehensible. It's not the cons' fault that he won't go away.

4/6/05 17:08  
Blogger B2Leo said...

Deal Hudson? is he still around? I thought that he was discredited. I thinks that the cons would be smart to place as much distance between themselves and Mr. Hudson as possible.

As long as "the cons" continue to associate with him the "Hudson Millstone" will continue to fit.

How old was that girl he molested? Wasn't it 17? One year earlier and VOTF probably would be going after him.

5/6/05 07:57  

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