Thursday, June 30, 2005

Call the Caption

Before a humble (and poor) writer heads to a favored establishment -- where he will drink good beer and bask in the company of the whole cohort -- just wanted to take care of a couple orders of business....

First, a shout-out to Jimmy Akin & Co. who have seen fit to praise my "avatar" -- that picture of a certain cardinal on his way home from a long day.... They're soliciting potential captions for the shot, so check it out and post your best thought.

And another shout-out to Greg Popcak and the gang at the Pastoral Solutions Institute -- here's their blog. As Greg tells me, "[PSI] want to help people apply the treasure of their faith to the everyday struggles inherent in marriage family and personal life." The site has great links and insight, and I've found it to be a pleasant respite from all the screaming that takes place here and in many other forums. So take a look and tell 'em Rock sent you.

I'll resurface in the morning... or early afternoon. Buona notte!



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