Saturday, May 28, 2005

Yup, She's Still Here...

Zadok the Roman presents an impressive account of the Corpus Christi festivities in Rome this past Thursday.... Admittedly, I'm biased, but I just love this exchange between its author and a friend while watching it unfold at the Lateran:

'Is that her?' I asked my friend.
'Stampa, Ingrid Stampa. Ratzinger's secretary.'

This was another novelty. Previously we would have spotted Archbishop Dziwisz, Pope John Paul's right hand man amongst those assisting him. Now Benedict's right hand man is a woman and sits with the other members of the Papal family who take care of the Holy Father's personal arrangements.

From the shameless self-promotion desk, you all might enjoy knowing that "The Pope's Right-Hand Woman" was Beliefnet's most viewed piece of the last month. Grazie mille to everyone who blogged and read it!




Blogger christianspectator said...


You would have had us believe that Ingrid Stampa was as important as Archbishop Dziwisz in her role and importance..........

How ignorant can you get? As if Pope Benedict could have a 'right hand woman' in the way you were describing!! He would have been the talk of everyone if it had emerged that she was destined to become is 'Private Secretary' as you implied she would be.

As for being in the 'Papal household', we now know she isen't, and that Pope Benedict has all the help he needs from various staff - both secretaries and domestic.

There is nothing for her to do at the apostolic palace and she has certainly not joined him there.

26/1/06 05:46  

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