Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Something to Chew On

First of all, my editio typica on the Levada appointment can be found here. Discussion, as always, is open.

It's Tuesday, and that means new bishops -- Frank DiLorenzo's successor in Honolulu and a coadjutor to Fort Worth. The latter, Msgr. Kevin Vann, until now vicar for clergy of Springfield in Illinois, is the big story.

Vann, 54, made headlines last year for his skirmish with Democractic Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois. Durbin, who lives in Vann's parish, was specifically called out on his pro-choice stance by the new bishop-elect in an interview Vann gave to a local newspaper. Vann said he would refuse communion to the senator.

What does this mean? Be wise to remember, these appointments were John Paul holdovers, but B16 had to confirm them. So it's still an open question and we'll see what happens down the line -- don't jump to conclusions.

Press conference will be interesting. More feed as I have it... Stay tuned.



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