Tuesday, May 10, 2005

A Reminder...

A comment was posted this afternoon, seemingly from one of those pesky designing bishops who are still fuming, even though they've got the scalp they craved. To reprise, the policy in force is that ALL (i.e. even nice) comments MUST INCLUDE A NAME AND E.MAIL ADDRESS. Violators will be expunged -- there are no hideaways in a Loggia, especially this one. No cover for cowards here, as integrity and accountability are Principle #1. If you believe in what you wish to say, then why be bashful? I was never a fan of wizards behind curtains, and I doubt the voice of God will judge these posts in a similar fashion....

Show us your faces, and we shall be saved. Thank you.


ADDITION (4.25pm) -- Again, for the third time: valid posts MUST contain both a NAME and E.MAIL ADDRESS -- simply signing up for a Blogger identity without a listed e.mail still constitutes an evasion of responsibility and does not allow for reliable communication.




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