Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Quel Surprise

Usually, I disagree heatedly with George Weigel, the late papal biographer extraordinaire. But, as a fellow lay pundit who writes with impunity, I've got to give him due props: his latest column, on the "reform of the reform," is quite good and makes excellent points -- Bugnini-haters will be excited.

Even though George uses some annoying turns of language, gratefully there's nothing as flaming here as "occasioned a brouhaha." So with a (red) hat tip, this is worth everyone's time to read.

And now, hell will freeze over. Grazie.



Blogger Jeff said...

That says something nice about you and about Mr. Weigel! And it's a lovely piece; I agree with it and with our Pope's likely approach, humble and patient as it is.

One day perhaps you'll clear it all up for us. What you like so much about, say, Ratzinger and Chaput, though you seem to disagree with them vehemently on so many substantive things.

J. Kantor

25/5/05 23:48  

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