Tuesday, May 17, 2005

More From the Bay

If Joe Fessio is to be believed, he is Benedict XVI's firstborn. As events haven't shown that, let's return to reality.

Last week, the cons tried to soothe their rage over Levada by floating as a possibility their dream of destiny: Fessio being named archbishop of San Francisco, where he will slay the evil Fr. Privett with God's mighty sword and smote the sodomites (again, these are cons talking, check your logic at the door).

Of course, this also means that Ignatius Press would have to be put into a blind trust -- but that wouldn't come until after the nukes had been dropped on USF in the name of orthodoxy, loss of human life and violations of human dignity and freedom obviously notwithstanding.

Back in the sane world, something is brewing which may not fulfill that grandiose fantasy but won't leave them hanging all that much. And if that Fessio thing goes down, as I'm already on-record as saying, bring me a raw crow and I will eat it. Amy can bring it.

I wish to remind that there exists another Italian-American priest with better Ratzi cred than Fessio. His integrity is unquestioned, his experience broad.... Think about it.

The process will be short e nella stessa parrochia.



Blogger Laura Gonzalez said...

I live in the Diocese of Santa Rose, the next diocese north of San Francisco. Our Bishop, Daniel Walsh, was sent here about six years ago from Las Vegas to take the place of our fallen bishop, G. Patrick Ziemann, who was involved in his own "Monicagate," except it involved another priest and millions of dollars.

Anyway, Walsh's name has come up a bit about being a good replacement for Levada. He's a SF native, and has cleaned up the financial mess here pretty well. If he can keep us of out of bankruptcy over the next few months as we wrap up our ongoing priest abuse cases, the word on the street is that he would look like a very good prospect indeed. A friend in the chancery predicted the Levada move as soon as Levada went to Rome (I just found this out), and has her money on Walsh. She also has another idea, but won't share just yet.

The more I think about Fessio, the odds of putting a brand new bishop into SF are quite low. I think it will be an existing bishop somewhere that will be moved, not even an aux. Fessio is wishful thinking.

However - gasp! - if Walsh is moved, this diocese will be up for grabs.

Laura Gonzalez

17/5/05 22:43  

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