Thursday, May 19, 2005

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As it's commencement season, may future generations of event planners remember that the best speakers are Irish....

In that vein, here's a gem of a speech from the Eire-born Bishop Ray Boland of Kansas City-St. Joseph; its insights are useful. (I like Boland, but I just love his coadjutor -- Bob Finn is a Loggia favorite if ever there were one.)

And for those curious about the bishop-elect of Honolulu, Larry Silva, might enjoy this nugget from his introductory luau/press conference:

"I've often said that I really don't have any problem with what the church teaches, but sometimes I do have a problem with the way it teaches. It's because we can't teach in sound bites, but in profound truths in a simple way."

We call that "progress"....

And also from the Loggia favorite desk, I'm gearing up for tomorrow's "National Catholic Prayer Breakfast" featuring Bush, with Chaput as the keynote and more cons than one can shake a crozier at.

The speaker is pumped and ready to go -- tune into C-SPAN tomorrow morning and see what happens.



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