Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Gloria Olivae

Now, no popping of corks just yet. But in the days of a 24-hour news cycle, it took TIME and Marco Politi a week to get up to speed with John Vlazny and my humble self.

For the uninitiated, check here (4 May), here (yesterday), and here (this morning).

An anonymous commenter last week opined that he was having "a very hard time believing Pope Benedict is as close to Archbishop Levada as you say he is," proceeding to lament how Levada threw Joe Fessio to the dogs. Grazie Dio, Bill will be doing it from Rome now -- and Fessio will just become even more rich, more ostentatious and less worthy of any sane person's sympathy.

All I've said is what I know -- and my biases do not distort how I process the truth, such subjectivity is verboten. So it seems my nameless friend will have to believe it now, whether he likes it or not. It seems the Pope has spoken.

Corks up at 6am one coming morning. All hail the Grand Inquisitor....



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