Friday, May 20, 2005

From the Rome Desk...

In another sign that authentic Catholicism is more sophisticated and tolerant than some of its verbose fringes would make it out to be, Bill Clinton was received with open arms at the Vatican today. No, the place did not collapse in flames, nor were exorcists waiting with salt and holy water. The Swiss Guards saluted him on arrival.

It seems that Cardinal Sodano and Archbishop Cordes (president of Cor Unum) were eager for an update on American tsunami relief efforts. The discussion also included US foreign aid efforts and the continuing fight against AIDS, with a particular focus on Africa.

Did the prelates call Clinton on the carpet, a la the Caped Crusader, Ray Burke? Nope.

But should they have? Again, nope -- the 00120 is smart enough to realize that what Big Bill's doing is the real gruntwork of the "gospel of life," as opposed to taking credit for it before the cameras while slashing it to bits behind the scenes.

Good call for the Romans, now if they could only pass the "get smart" memo around....



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