Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Ecclesiastical Muckraking

First off, you all might like to know that "Purple Rain" -- the song of the day, for obvious reasons -- is still blasting on my stereo.

OK, a certain sash fringe out there loves Joe Fessio. We know this... But I found this comment posted out there in response to the flight of fantasy. It's full of typing errors, but I've pasted it unedited. Check it -- cons, feel free to respond:

Disillusioned Ave Maria grad said...
I don't know whether Fessio would be agood Archbishop or not. for all his theological acumen, he's shown a distressing willingness to overlook systemic unethical administrative actions in his new position, as well as a hesitation to put Catholci social teaching int action by treating employees and former employees well. The whole AMU thing is a mess internally, however birght, shiny, and hopeful it looks from the outside.

While it's true that I don't appreciate anonymous posts here, I have stated that exceptions are welcome for those who would report voodoo dolls in chancery offices, or other things of the sort -- and Pharaoh, he's exempt from the rule too. So this plays, take it or leave it.

Sing it, Prince!



Blogger Richard said...

Hello Rocco,

Well, hey - it *is* your blog...

I'm curious if this grad is from Ave Maria College up in Michigan or one of the graduates from AMU in Florida - just graduated the first class of 22 students last week, actually.

It is not exactly a state secret there are a few unhappy campers up in Michigan. Though I had assumed they were pretty much just faculty and staff. I had a chance to run into an unhappy Michigan grad froma couple years ago though she had nothing bad to say abotu Fessio per se...

I will merely add that I know Fr. Fessio, and while I cannot begin to think to speak to everything he does, in my experience he often makes decisions by the seat of his pants, but I have never known him to condone unethical behavior of any kind. Others I know who know him better say the same thing.

But then it may come down to what gets considered unethical, and what exactly Fr. Fessio knows about it.

There have certainly been hiccups - some, in hindsight, no doubt avoidable - with Ave Maria in both Ysilanti and Naples, but then it may also be fair to consider how much of that kind of thing is inevitable in any startup of a new college.

Likewise I think those who support the sacking of Reese (and that's really what it was) should be clear to understand that no one has ever accused him either of unethical behavior or mendacity. By all accounts he is a genuinely nice and considerate fellow. His editorial policy is certainly fair grounds for criticism and, indeed, was what finally sank him. But it's too easy in these dustups to make criticisms of those we disagree with personal.

best regards,

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