Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Ecclesiastical Muckraking

First off, you all might like to know that "Purple Rain" -- the song of the day, for obvious reasons -- is still blasting on my stereo.

OK, a certain sash fringe out there loves Joe Fessio. We know this... But I found this comment posted out there in response to the flight of fantasy. It's full of typing errors, but I've pasted it unedited. Check it -- cons, feel free to respond:

Disillusioned Ave Maria grad said...
I don't know whether Fessio would be agood Archbishop or not. for all his theological acumen, he's shown a distressing willingness to overlook systemic unethical administrative actions in his new position, as well as a hesitation to put Catholci social teaching int action by treating employees and former employees well. The whole AMU thing is a mess internally, however birght, shiny, and hopeful it looks from the outside.

While it's true that I don't appreciate anonymous posts here, I have stated that exceptions are welcome for those who would report voodoo dolls in chancery offices, or other things of the sort -- and Pharaoh, he's exempt from the rule too. So this plays, take it or leave it.

Sing it, Prince!



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