Friday, May 20, 2005

Bring Out the Crow...

No, Fessio has not been appointed archbishop of San Francisco. But way back, in the early days, I reported that sources were saying that Jim Nicholson's successor as US ambassador to the Holy See would be a prominent theocon -- Weigel, Michael Novak, someone who could use theology to justify the Bush administration's positions to the Holy See.

Well, I was wrong.

John Allen is reporting that Francis Rooney, an Oklahoma businessman and Bush Ranger (i.e. $$$$$$$ for the GOP), has gotten the nod. But it's not a breaking story -- Inside the Vatican (home of the brilliant and fabulous Delia Gallagher and Bob Moynihan, who singlehandedly saved CNN's interregnum coverage) had it over a month ago, even before the conclave opened.

In the words of one of our denizens, Rooney's appointment "has 'lost opportunity' written all over it." Especially after Jim Nicholson, who did much on human trafficking, garnering much respect from the boys of the Curia and, by extension, Justin Rigali.

But JLA makes some good points about conservative rage over Levada in this week's Word. "Some of it verged on hysteria," he opined. M-hmm. That's right. Go on, son....

John quotes the Fair Amy Welborn -- a Loggia devotee, she is -- and I echo his assessment that, for all the antics of her readers, Amy "always comes across as measured and generous."

You know, I never cease to be amazed by Amy, my friend Matthew and others among us in the best possible way. They do what they do, and they really witness to their faith in these forums and beyond on top of juggling the hectic glee of young kids and family life. As a committed bachelor, a status which shows no signs of going anywhere anytime soon, I stand in awe. Get ready, Gib....

Uncle Jack, known to the world as the great Cardinal O'Connor of New York, once spoke to this tragically unsung admiration in a letter to his priests. When considering the anxieties moms and dads face over matters of budget, choosing schools, the constant need to be protective of and nurturing to their kids, he told the priests, "Ours is the easier part," and urged them to always be aware, affirmative and appreciative of the ministry of parents.

So thanks to the parents in our midst for taking the harder part, and reminding us all in the process what's truly important. Words can't do justice to your work....



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