Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Boys, Pom-Poms DOWN!

OK, somebody's gotta call a halt to the Legionaries' "Padre Nuestro, Thou Art Loosed" Party -- Maciel isn't off the hook just yet and Rome's doing the Jedi mindtrick thing again. Playing fuzz on this one is the recently AWOL John Allen....

In a nutshell, Allen reports that the announcement of "no process" came not from CDF, which investigates abuse cases, but in an unsigned document from SegStat (where it's one big Maciel-loving family, thanks to Brian Farrell....).

Now, if John Paul still lived, there would be no unsigned document; underlings would be fighting over who got the privilege to sign because whoever defended Maciel would be made a bishop by a grateful Dziwisz. Signature or not, it's clear the Curia's still trying to play the "divide and conquer" strategy which rendered the system an administrative and policy mess of fiefdoms the last five years.

It's funny, since around 2000 the Curia has been like -- everytime something happened one office or another didn't like, they'd get all American and start spinning and screaming and accusing everyone of "smoke of satan" motives. That all should've ended with John Paul's death and the election of a taskmaster pope.

Obviously, though, old habits die hard.

We can be sure that B16 isn't happy about this kind of blunder at all. Bottom line: heads will roll at SegStat, and Sodano's succession will be expedited.... This is the pope's proof that, as they pay homage to his face (SegStat staff were received on Saturday), behind his back they're out of control in San Damaso.



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