Saturday, April 02, 2005

Karol... Karol... Karol...

Non abbiate paura!

With thanks and adoring memory for 26 years of his pontificate, 47 years as a bishop, almost six decades of priesthood and a life extraordinarily well-lived, we return this precious gift of Wujek, John Paul II, to the Holy Father of us all. The consummation of his work has been achieved, his legacy the inheritance of the youth of the world.

Most loved him, some didn't, and we all had some difference of opinion with him about something along the way, but none can doubt that his was the heart of the Good Shepherd.

How we will miss him who overflowed the Chair of Peter and endowed it with a new strength in a new millennium. We will never see another of his kind again.

Addio, Giovanni Paolo -- Giovanni Paolo il Grande. Che il Signore di Luce ti conceda la corona eterna di gloria nel Suo Regno. Amen.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm not a Catholic, but I loved this Pope. He loved people in the same way that Christ loved people. He truly was a man of God. I'll miss him.

23/4/05 00:18  

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