Friday, March 04, 2005

Who's Your Daddy?

Oh, John Allen's really back in my graces now. He's given me such a nice present.

This week's Word from Rome has already been posted, and Allen makes great points about how the church has been somewhat out of whack because of what is seen as "the personalization of the papacy under John Paul." I call these great points as I had written them in this forum A MONTH AGO! And then, in recent weeks, I put them in a piece -- a piece which was not seen in public as it had no takers.

So now Allen gets on my bandwagon and the words will be taken as Gospel, but not because they're mine. This isn't John's fault, of course, because the Great One is too mighty to read my words. But it just shows how far ahead of the curve your good writer is.

Keep that in mind.



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